1.The ‘Connections’ programme is promoted by EIH Ltd. hereinafter called as the ‘Promoter’.
2. Membership to the ‘Connections’ programme is by invitation only and at the discretion of the promoter. Only individuals can become members in their personal capacity or as representatives of their organization.
3.The member shall be responsible for seeking necessary clearances or approvals from the concerned officials at his or her company for participation in the ‘Connections’ programme. The Promoter will assume no liability onto itself on account of any disputes or differences between the member and his or her parent organization.
4.The ‘Connections’ programme is applicable only for the residents of India and Dubai at the participating hotels listed on the Connections programme website.
5. Credit will be given only for reservations made after a person has been enrolled in the programme.
6. Points will be awarded only when the ‘Connections’ membership number is quoted at the time of making the reservation. Points will be awarded only on materialized and paid-for room bookings and at the point value given on the programme website.
7. Double points can be earned only for suites booked at rack rates or contracted rates. A member cannot earn double points for upgrades. For booking of long stay guests, points will be credited once in 15 days.
8.Points cannot be earned in conjunction with barters, for complimentary rooms, crew stays, reservations processed through GDS and office accommodation. A member can earn points for up to a maximum of 25 rooms reserved in a hotel for a particular date.
9.Travel agents can also apply to become member of ‘Connections’ programme and earn points on reservations given on select market segments and rates. For complete details of the programme, please contact your relationship manager or programme co-ordinator.
10.In case two ‘Connections’ members make the same reservation, points will be awarded to the member whose booking is received first at the hotel. If a ‘Connections’ member calls or writes in for a reservation, which is already held through another source, then points will not be awarded.
11.Membership remains valid as long as you have at least 3 materialized reservations made during two years of the membership. In case of non-renewal, points accumulated can be redeemed up to six months after the expiry of the membership.
12. Points once earned remain valid either for the membership duration or a maximum of 2 years, whichever comes earlier. In case of renewed membership, points earned are valid on a two-year rolling basis and points unredeemed for more than two years will automatically lapse at the end of each quarter.
13.Membership and points are not transferable and points and rewards earned cannot be redeemed against cash. Pooling or transferring of points between members is not allowed.
14.Points earned will be automatically credited to your account and the same information can be accessed through your unique membership number & password.
15.In case a member changes his or her company, the membership can be transferred only if the membership is ‘Individual’ and has the requisite approval from the new company. In the absence of the approvals the membership will be terminated.
16.For cases where points were not credited, request should be sent by submitting the “Missing Reservation Request Form” available on the website, within six months of the date of materialization of the reservation or else points will not be credited.
17.The promoter makes no warranties and representations either expressed or implied with regard to the type and quality of services and goods provided through third parties.
18.Points earned can be redeemed only for the items available on the website for redemption.
19.Merchandise rewards are subject to availability, modifications or discontinuance. The promoter reserves the right to substitute an item with another of a different brand, which, in their opinion offers equal or better value.
20.Certain items need collection from the nearest dealer or office of the manufacturer. The company will not bear any cost incurred on this account.
21.When more than one gift is ordered, all gifts may arrive at the same time. Point value of gifts includes the cost of local express mail and will be delivered only within India.
22.Charges for octroi or state / central duties or any other taxes will be payable by the member, wherever applicable.
23.The ‘Connections’ programme is not responsible for requests or correspondence lost or delayed in the transit.
24.Hotel dining and stay vouchers are transferable and may be redeemed for Food & Beverage services at the hotel or against room usage respectively, at the point value mentioned on them. These vouchers must be presented at the time of settling the bill and check in respectively.
25.The dining vouchers are not valid at the restaurants on certain occasions like Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and during food festivals.
26.All room bookings against gift vouchers are subject to availability and must be made through ‘The Contact Centre’. Please specify that payment will be through the ‘Connections’ gift voucher at the time of making the reservation.
27.The hotel has the right to refuse stay redemption under this programme at any time. No holiday redemptions will be entertained between 20th December and 5th January.
28.Reservations are subject to availability of rooms allocated under the redemption offer at the time of making the booking.
29.Vouchers must be supplemented with cash / credit card at the time of settling the bill, if so required.
30.Vouchers stolen or lost will not be re-issued. The Programme Centre will need to be notified in all such cases to prevent misuse of the vouchers. However, a fresh voucher can be issued in lieu of a torn or a spoilt voucher, on request, upon receipt of the said voucher.
31.A voucher once issued will be valid for the period mentioned on the voucher and is meant for a one-time use only. Any unused balance amount on the voucher cannot be encashed or refunded by either the hotel or the ‘Connections’ Programme Centre.
32.Fraud or abuse concerning the ‘Connection’ programme’s benefits, gifts and voucher usage are subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action. This will include the forfeiture of accumulated ‘Connections’ points, the termination of ‘Connections’ privileges and revocation of membership.
33.The Promoter is the final authority on award of points or any other matter related to this programme “The ‘Connections Programme’ and its terms and conditions shall be construed, determined and governed according to the laws of India and the Courts in Delhi shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute or difference arising between any Member and the Promoter under this Programme.
All disputes, differences or disagreements arising out of, in connection with , or in relation to the ‘Connections Programme’ shall be in the first instance be subjected to Conciliation and Mediation .In case the Member and the Promoter fail to reach an amicable solution to their disputes, differences and disagreements the same shall be decided by arbitration to be held in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. Any arbitration pursuant hereunder shall be a domestic arbitration under the applicable law. The place of arbitration will be New Delhi. The arbitration shall take place before a sole arbitrator, who shall be the Corporate Head – Sales & Marketing of the Promoter or a person appointed by him, within thirty days of invocation of the arbitration. The award shall be rendered in English Language and shall be binding between the Member and the Promoter.”
34.The promoter has the sole discretion to discontinue or withdraw the ‘Connections’ programme at any given point.
35.The promoter reserves the right to modify the terms & conditions of the programme or change the rules and regulations relating to accrual or redemption of points under this programme at any time or adjust the point value as and when necessary to reflect the changing market conditions.
36.The Promoter reserves the right to revoke the membership of a Member without assigning any reason whatsoever, this decision of the Promoter shall be final and binding on the Member. In case of any such revocation the Member will be allowed to redeem the benefits accruing to him under the Programme within sixty days of revocation.
37.Members who select to earn Connections Points are not eligible to earn points/miles via other progammes.
38.Members are not eligible to earn points for personal reservations.